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SIGNIS Mexico, invites all the faithful to register the online and digital communication services they offer, or are using.

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STAGE 2 - Directories

We will filter and publish:
• Online mass schedules and links to live broadcast
• Information from other online and digital services

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STAGE 3 - Parishes

Information about your parish:
• Opening hours
• Available activities
• Links to collection and donations (if available)

Latest News + Updates

Find out what is happening in the Catholic Church online and digital and the new services that appear

Ecclesia.App is a service portal of the Catholic Church focused on generations of faithful who use technological tools on a daily basis.

Ecclesia.App is an initiative of Mexican Catholic laity that begins to operate during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, anticipating the need that priests would face due to the confinement of the faithful and the absence in their parishes.

In Ecclesia.App, institutions and companies collaborate that contribute their experience to enrich the offer of services that are offered.

Fundación Cristo Sacerdote is an association that supports the priests of the neediest dioceses in Mexico in coordination with their Bishops.

VC Noticias is a socio-religious information agency whose objective is to be life in communion with the different institutions and religious expressions in Mexico, Latin America and the World, through the eyes and testimonies of those who day by day are building the history of vocation universal.

MexPago is a Mexican technology company founded in 2014 that seeks to modernize the way of making and receiving payments in Mexico.

Cruz Mora y Asociados is a Mexican company that collaborates and advises the most recognized Catholic organizations in Mexico on technological projects.


Ecclesia.App is a SIGNIS Mexico project focused on generations of Catholic faithful who use technological tools on a daily basis.


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