Register your Catholic services

SIGNIS Mexico, invites all the faithful to register the online and digital communication services they offer, or are using.

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STAGE 2 - Directories

We will filter and publish:
• Online mass schedules and links to live broadcast
• Information from other online and digital services

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STAGE 3 - Parishes

Information about your parish:
• Opening hours
• Available activities
• Links to collection and donations (if available)

Latest News + Updates

Find out what is happening in the Catholic Church online and digital and the new services that appear

SIGNIS Mexico has announced the launch of an online directory to help Catholics find services such as online mass broadcasts or fundraising events.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, many Catholics are forced to stay at home and are not able to attend their parish services as they would typically do.

Around the world, bishops are encouraging their parishioners to live the experience of the sacraments, especially the Holy Mass, through media such as radio, television, and digital services already offered by various Catholic institutions.

In these challenging times, spiritual assistance is more necessary than ever. This is why SIGNIS Mexico has created a project called "Ecclesia" ("Church" in Latin), a directory listing all Catholic resources available online.

Catholics are invited to register the services in the directory. SIGNIS Mexico will work in collaboration with the Episcopal Conferences and local dioceses to verify the accuracy of the information.

Initially, services will be offered in 3 languages (Spanish, English, French) through the website and the mobile application on Android.

These will include live mass broadcasts, information on parishes, and fundraising events, among others.


Ecclesia.App is a SIGNIS Mexico project focused on generations of Catholic faithful who use technological tools on a daily basis.


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